Bilingual Customer Service Representative Certificate


About This Program

In this certificate program, bilingual students learn how to apply customer relations principles to become successful customer service representatives.

Pursue Your Goals

Throughout this certificate program you will learn essential writing skills, business professionalism skills, and telephone techniques.

Employment opportunities exist in:

  • Retail
  • Front desk
  • Customer Service
  • Contact and Call Centers


Transfer Credits Out

Due to the nature of this certificate program, ESOL courses currently do not transfer out to a four-year college in New Mexico. OTEC 1170 and BUSA 2240 may transfer to participating four-year colleges in New Mexico. Some restrictions apply.


Academic & Workplace Communication for Specific Purposes 
ESOL 1001 
Provides non-native English speakers with opportunities to develop listening and speaking skills in the context of a specific industry. Students use industry specific terminology to practice pronunciation, intonation, and public speaking skills. Short lectures from native speakers in the specific industry provide the cultural context.

Reading and Vocabulary for Specific Purposes 
ESOL 1010 
This course for non-native English speakers focuses on the development and application of a variety of reading strategies to comprehend advanced authentic texts, documents, and materials relevant to students’ professional needs. Learn and practice critical reading, thinking skills and focus on building industry specific vocabulary to expand their lexical repertoires.

English Composition and Grammar for Specific Purposes 
ESOL 1020 
Provides non-native English speakers with an opportunity to practice grammar in the context of industry-specific writing tasks. Students analyze the grammatical components of advanced texts while generating writing of their own based on occupational performance requirements and industry standards.

U.S. Culture and Contemporary Issues for Specific Purposes 
ESOL 1030 
This course for non-native English speakers focuses on U.S. cultural norms, behaviors, and expectations as they relate to professional and interpersonal communication. Students develop their English language skills to communicate more effectively in multi-cultural environments. Emphasis is placed on contemporary issues as the context for improving English fluency and confidence.

Business Telephone Techniques 
OTEC 1170 
Presents concepts to develop effective speaking, listening and questioning skills. Methods for handling incoming calls, outbound calls, customer orders, customer problems, and customer complaints.

Customer Service in Business 
BUSA 2240 
Establishes concepts of service quality in relationship to business success and maximization of returns to the organization. Explores techniques for delivering quality and service in a variety of business settings.

Careers & Outcomes

Jobs in the Field

  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative
  • Bilingual Client Relations Representative
  • Bilingual Call Center Representative
  • Bilingual Online Support Specialist

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, you'll be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with clients and co-workers in industry settings and formats.
  • Recognize and explain the ways in which communication patterns affect interactions with clients, colleagues, and supervisors. 
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills for communication in customer service which includes writing emails, letters, summaries, and short reports for various purposes.
  • Identify the ways that texts are written and read and how knowledge is constructed in academic and/or professional disciplines. 

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